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mercredi, 25 novembre 2020 08:34

    Tomato trade: the price rally

    After too much presence on the market and abnormally low prices for several weeks, this product is gradually returning to its usual trend.

    By Ruth Marcelle Ngo Mbang (Intern)

    Claude Zanga, 21 years old, student in the Chinese Terminale class at the General High School Leclerc is a temporary tomato seller at the Mvog-Mbi market. To its left, we see tomatoes from 038 Fcfa and to the right heaps of 200 Fcfa. Customers find it difficult to approach him because prices have changed right now. “It’s been three weeks since the basket of tomatoes has increased,” he says. The crate of tomatoes he bought from 2000 or 2500 CFA francs in May, June and July now costs 7500 CFA francs at the 8th Market in Tsinga where he gets his supplies. So instead of buying four as usual, he instead takes two at 15000 Fcfa. Its profit in this case is 2500 Fcfa after difficult flow of the goods. However, he earned around 12000 Fcfa when tomatoes were cheaper and in abundance on the market.

    In the same market, Anastasie L., retailer for more than 09 years old, sells small piles of tomatoes. Six fruits exactly at 100 Fcfa and average piles of four tomatoes at 200 Fcfa. She is also facing this increase. She explains that the gradual opening of the borders of Cameroon and neighboring countries on the one hand, and the rainy season on the other hand, are at the origin of this change in trend when we know that during the so-called confinement period , the tomato baskets sold like never before. Trucks filled with crates of tomatoes liquidated at 1500 were seen everywhere in the capital city, 1500 or even 1000 Fcfa.

    At the Mfoundi market, the tomato stalls are a little different in terms of the volume of each pile formed and the size of the red fruit. Here, several “tomato balls” cost 100 Fcfa and seven medium tomatoes are sold at 200 Fcfa. ” 200 the tomato ! Three heaps at 284! A mom cries from behind her counter. For Papa Souleyman, paradoxically, the price of tomatoes has not increased. Rather, the latter believes that “it is only the customers who had started to get used to the low price” of the red fruit. According to this trader met on 21 last August, it is the opening of the border with the Nigeria which justifies the current “outbreak”.

    Following the enormous difficulties encountered as a result of the coronavirus, the government announced in July a revival plan for the tomato sector. This provided for a series of support measures including the identification of the cooperatives most affected by the pandemic, the strengthening of technical capacities for the production and processing of tomatoes and the support of farmers in agricultural inputs.

    This article was written and posted first by Mutations


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