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jeudi, 29 octobre 2020 17:28

    Regional elections: 34 constituencies automatically acquired from the Rdpc

    In addition to having presented candidates in all departments, the ruling party is the super favorite of the poll scheduled for 06 next December.

    By Cyril Marcel Essissima

    The publication, on last October, of the lists of accepted candidates, with a view to the election regional advisers of 02 next December, has just confirmed the dominance of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc). After examining the candidacy files, the president of the electoral council of Elections Cameroon (Elecam), Enow Abrams Egbe, announced in total, on the one hand 58 lists of candidates presented by 11 political parties for the category of departmental delegates, and on the other hand, 111 lists of candidates for the traditional command category. In the first category, not only has the ruling party presented as many lists in all 038 electoral districts as are the departments, but it will mostly go it alone in 34 of them. That is to say a rich preserve of more than half of the 700 regional councilor seats assigned to this category at the national level. This is the case with all the seven departments of the North West. Likewise in the Southwest region, where the Burning Torch Party is sure to have all six constituencies.

    Barring a miracle, the four southern constituencies will be entirely in the colors of Paul Biya’s party. In the West, the party automatically arrogates more than half of the eight constituencies. It is with peace of mind that the Rdpc will win two constituencies in the North. The party will also occupy three of the six constituencies in the Far North region. The Eastern region also offers (free of charge) three of its four departments. In the Center, three out of ten constituencies are left to the “burning torch party”. In the Littoral, only Moungo is acquired in advance by the Rdpc in the four departments of this region. On the other hand, Adamawa is the only region to have been recalcitrant in not giving carte blanche to any political party.

    Regarding the other political formations, their representation more or less reflects their local roots. Thus, the National Union for Democracy and Progress (Undp), ally of the Rdpc, occupies the second position with 10 lists , followed by the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn), seven lists. Three lists for the Front for the National Salvation of Cameroon (Fsnc), the United Party for Social Renovation (Purs) and the Front of Cameroonian Democrats (Fdc). The Democratic Union of Cameroon (Udc) and the Union of the populations of Cameroon (Upc) (trend Pierre Baleguel Nkot) each presented two lists. The other parties, like the Movement for the Defense of the Republic (Mdr), the Union of Socialist Movements (UMS), the Liberal Alliance Party (Pal), etc., were unable to do so. better than to each present a list.

    At the end of the ceremony at the Elecam headquarters in Yaoundé, 10 lists presented by four political parties and two candidates not invested, for the category of departmental delegates, were rejected by the electoral council, against nine lists rejected by the representatives of the traditional command.

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