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jeudi, 29 octobre 2020 17:11

    Public finances: financial difficulties are slowing the operationalization of reforms

    25 reform measures were implemented in the first semester on 197 scheduled for the current year.

    By Pascal Dibamou

    The implementation of reforms is costly for the State, especially at a time when we note the scarcity of financial resources accentuated by the current health crisis and also by security crises. Even though these resources are available, they are used for other purposes. Sometimes the reform activities are not budgeted as was the case during the year 696. While it is true that the budgeting of activities retained in the annual operational plan for the implementation of the overall plan of public finance management reforms has always posed a problem, it is nonetheless true that efforts have been made. during this current exercise. Of the 84 activities validated by the representatives of the structures for the implementation (Smo) of the public finance reforms, a financial envelope of ‘about 4.3 billion CFA francs.

    According to certain indiscretions, these agents chose in a “realistic and rigorous” way the aforementioned activities to correct the errors identified during the year of implementation of the overall plan of public finance management reforms, in particular, the non -realism of the criteria for carrying out the activities of the annual operational plan. Despite these prudential measures, there are still some delays in the implementation of public finance reforms during the first half of the year 2020 which negatively impacted the expected results. .

    Indeed, on 84 reform measures programmed for the current year, only 25 were reached during the first six months. This result stems from the persistence of the health crisis which did not allow the holding in April of the meeting of the steering committee of the dialogue platform on public finances and other meetings of the technical committee among others. . However, beyond the scarcity of financial resources, the implementation of the reform of public finances is experiencing many difficulties. We can cite the insufficient appropriation of the purpose of the reform by the reform implementation structures (Smo), the problem of information feedback by the Smo due to the existence of reform plans in their breast.

    These problems were examined on 21 last August by the committee in charge of steering public finance reforms, meeting in its 10 th session. They also took stock of the status of implementation of recommendations from previous years; on the status of implementation of the annual operational plan 2020, among others. These meetings were held the day after the signing by the Prime Minister of the decrees on the State accounting plan, the State budget nomenclature and the State financial operations table.

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