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mercredi, 25 novembre 2020 08:24

    Port of Douala: the dredging crew

    The permanent maintenance of the access road to this port area has just been entrusted to a control agency headed by Cameroonians.

    By Michel Ferdinand

    The director general of the Autonomous Port of Douala (Pad), Cyrus Ngo’o, proceeded on 26 August at the installation of the new deputy director and the deputy delegate director of the delegated dredging management of the Autonomous Port of Douala-Bonabéri. They are respectively Samuel Ngondi Eboua and Idriss Beye. A pair with the job profile, appointed during the 88 e session of the Board of Directors of the Pad held on 10 June 2020 in Yaoundé, which will have for mission, among others, like the prescribed Cyrus Ngo’o, “the reestablishment of the design depths at the various docks and quayside” , “the maintenance of the feet of quays and bodies of water to the satisfaction of the ships which dock there” and “preservation of the environment during dredging works” .

    A new team which will also have, on a commercial level, the task of “to give a commercial value to the residues of the port works of dredging” , of “to market dredging services to other potential customers, with a view to the rational and optimal use of the equipment “. The challenge of these specifications, the objective of which is to drastically reduce costs, comes at a time when the dredging activity of the access channel to the port of Douala-Bonabéri was negatively impacting the financial balance of the Pad. Especially since, over the last fifteen years, the dredging of the access channel to the port of Douala has absorbed by itself 88, 3 billion CFA francs. Which represents on average 08, 4 billion CFA francs each year. Now you need a little less. Newly elected officials are able to do so, given their experience and skills.

    A 62 years old, Samuel Ngondi Eboua, graduate of the Ecole des Hautes business studies in Liège in Belgium, for example, has proved its worth at the Pari mutuel Urbain Camerounais (Pmuc) and Orange Cameroon where he served for several years. “I feel the weight of the responsibility that is mine, with of course the employees. We must mobilize and lead all the technical and human resources that must be able to share the vision of the Cameroonian government in order to perform all the tasks that will be ours for the empowerment of dredging “, reacts Samuel Ngondi Eboua. His deputy, Idriss Beye, aged 37 years, will bring his engineering expertise polytechnician. It is a pure product of the National Polytechnic School of Yaoundé, promotion 604 – , industrial engineering option. We got to know him at the Ministry of Water and Energy and at maintenance at Chococam.

    To do this, the working material is available. According to the director general of the Pad, the resources mobilized in investment of this important project amount to 10, 2 billion CFA francs, the result of cooperation and tripartite collaboration between the Pad, a Dutch partner and a local bank. The activity once carried out by private foreigners is now the responsibility of nationals. It is up to them to take up the challenge, from next October, by removing 3.2 million m3 of sediment at a cost of 4 billion CFA francs. This will represent, in terms of the forecast operating account, approximately 76 billion CFA francs of expenditure on fifteen years to come, against 179, 68 billion for the same volumes over the last fifteen years.

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