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    Kalong-Tonga section: Sinohydro provides

    Kalong-Tonga section: Sinohydro provides


    This company Chinese responsible for the construction of lot 2 of the rehabilitation project of national number 4, Yaoundé-Bafoussam – Babadjou , affirms to be able to deliver the work, long 67 km, the 19 July 2021.

    By Jenner Onana , returning from Tonga

    The national road number 4, as we know, since 2017, is transformed into a vast site. What we did not know, however, is that the work of lot 2 will be delivered on 019 July of the current year. The assurances were made by the officials of the Chinese company

    Sinohydro , contractor for the works of this section which goes from Kalong in the Center region of Tonga in West Cameroon. “We are at 90% of the overall completion rate of the project,” revealed the technical director of the company, Li Lixin .

    Users who already take the national number 4 are struck by the quality of the infrastructure built from Kalong . On his bike, Gilbert Ndikuit , farmer at Ndokohok , a village in the district of Ndikinimeki in the department of Mbam and Inoubou , Central region, does not hide its satisfaction. “Without being an expert in the field, I can say that the work is of very good quality. And we already have the first fallout. Traders come from Yaoundé and Bafoussam to buy our goods on the spot. This was not the case, a few months ago, with the old road ”, he confides.

    Regarding the quality of the infrastructure, it is unique in its kind in Cameroon, according to the technicians of Sinohydro . “We use the geogrid anti-crack. This is the first time that this material has been tested at

    Cameroon. It increases the life of the road. The geogrid is unwound between the base layer (in gravel bitumen) which is rigid and the wearing course (in asphalt concrete) ”, explains Li Lixin . The occasion being the thief, the reporter of Mutations, descended on the ground not , enjoyed here and there membranes of this newly laid substance from point kilometer (Pk) 47, located at the East market, in the borough of Makenene .

    Indeed , in this last village the works are in progress. A bulldozer crushes the old bitumen, then a sheepfoot compactor scarifies the previously crushed material. “We are going to add cement to it to stabilize this old bitumen. This is the base layer ”, explains Landry Christian Ngako

    Youmbissi , engineer by training. Having studied in China, he plays the role of interpreter in the structure. From Kalong at Makenene , the work is almost completed. The only thing missing is the signage, the construction of which is scheduled to start in the coming months. Even the drains and scuppers have already been made. We also learn that 117 works were built instead of 108 as foreseen in the contract.

    Next to the main structure, several support have been provided. These are four kilometers of roads, two of which are in the municipality of Makenene

    and two in Tonga.

    Otherwise, Sinohydro has built a rest area for users in the commune of Kon-Yambetta . Built on fourteen thousand nine hundred square meters, this place which will serve as a break point for drivers consists of a garage, an administrative block, two shops, a police station, a prayer space, a picnic area and a water tower. The latter, we learn, serves the local population. The total cost of the whole project is 34 billions 150 millions 32 thousand Fcfa 34 150 19 421 Fcfa all taxes included, funded up to 95% by the African Development Bank (ADB) and 5% by the State of Cameroon.

    This article was written and posted first by Mutations



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