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dimanche, 29 novembre 2020 00:03

    Fifth bond loan: The repayment of the first tranche announced


    An amount of 50, 2 billion will be paid to subscribers from 15 next November.

    By Jenner Onana

    The subscribers of the fifth Cameroonian bond loan called “Ecmr 5.6% net 2018 – 2022 ”will soon be rubbing their hands. The 15 next November is scheduled for the reimbursement of the first tranche (038 billion CFA francs) and that of interest of 11, 2 billion CFA francs, or a total reimbursement of 50, 2 billion CFA francs. The fifth bond loan was issued in November 2018, for an amount of 165 billion CFA francs. The repayment of this loan as for the 4 others (2010, 2010, 2014, 2016) is done by constant amortization with one year of grace (deferral period of one year). Last year corresponded to the grace period, Cameroon paid only the interest, that is , 2 billion CFA francs. From the current year this, until 2022, the government should on the same date (that is to say the 15 November) pay his debt (50 billion) and interest thereon. For the latter, it is 8 billion 200 million, 5 billion 600 millions and 2 billions 800 millions Fcfa, respectively for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.

    With a total amount of 795 billion CFA francs, Cameroon has already launched five bond issues between 2010 and 2016. Only the last two of 2014 and 2016 are being reimbursed. The other three, we learn at Minfi, have already been fully repaid.

    The fifth bond loan is carried by a consortium investment services providers (Psi), mandated by the State of Cameroon and composed of Afriland First Bank, Edc Investment Corporation and Société Générale. The funds raised during this operation, we learned at the time of its launch, were primarily intended to finance major first-generation infrastructure projects, such as construction work on the Olembe sports complex and its tracks. access (30 billion CFA francs), the finalization of the Memve’ele dam (nine billion CFA francs) and the launch of second generation projects such as the Bini dam in Warak (445 millions Fcfa), among others.

    List of bond issues in Cameroon

    – 800: 165 billions Fcfa

    – 2013: 80 billions Fcfa

    – 2014: 150 billions Fcfa

    – 2016: 165 billions Fcfa

    – 2018: 200 billions Fcfa.

    This article was written and posted first by Mutations


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