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mercredi, 21 octobre 2020 15:26

    Ecotourism: a new branch in the making in Cameroon

    Two foreign experts in the field presented their project to the media on 19 last September in Yaoundé.

    By Rosette Ombessack

    Ornithological tourism or niche tourism consists of the observation of birds in their natural habitat. This is a branch of ecotourism that Cameroon intends to develop through its Ministry of Tourism and Leisure (Mintoul). This explains the presence in Cameroon of two experts in the field (Noam Shany, Israeli and Pedro Casals, Spanish). Personal guests of the Minister of State, Minister of Tourism and Leisure (Minetat / Mintoul), Bello Bouba Maïgari, they unveiled the 10 last September in Yaoundé, during a press briefing, the country’s potential and the steps to follow for its full exploitation.

    According to Noam Shany, it is widely accepted that die-hard bird watchers will be among the first tourists to resume their trips, after COVID – 10. It is therefore time for Cameroon to mark out the paths conducive to the development of this activity. All the more so as Cameroon is home to a large number of endemic bird species (around seven). “These are national treasures that money cannot buy, and that millions of ecotourists would like to see in their natural environment and preserve,” said the expert. He adds that birding tourism is a key to opening the door to the large ecotourism market. The latter generates many jobs.

    The Minetat / Mintoul recognizes that Cameroon is full of all the riches of the African continent, not always sufficiently exploited or developed, which may however interest tourists. “When I received our friends, I was very far from knowing what they told me about a species of birds that one only finds in the koupe-Manengouba, and which cannot not move two or three kilometers. They are very likely to attract nature lovers, ”argues Bello Bouba Maigari. This is the Mount Kupe Bush Strike, or Mont Koupe Shrike in French.

    To this end, an expedition is planned, comprising, among others, international experts in ecotourism, ornithology and a world-renowned bird photographer. The group formed will have to start creating graphic material that will showcase Cameroon’s enormous potential. The expedition, which will run from February to mid-March 2021 we learned, will cover the whole country.

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