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    Accelerating Decentralisation : General Mobilisation To Attain 2020 Goals

    Officials and staff of the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development will between January 20 and 21, 2020 prepare to attain the goals set in the roadmap of the Ministry for 2020 and also ensure the effective implementation of the provisions of the Law to Institute the General Code on Regional and Local Authorities.

    They are gathered at the Yaounde Conference Centre within the framework of the “Goal-setting Workshop.” It is an occasion for all the directors and other officials to present reports of the activities for 2019  and perspectives for 2020. During the workshop, newly appointed officials will better appropriate the missions of the ministry and join the band wagon in their attainment.

    Speaking during the opening ceremony of the two-day workshop, the Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, Georges Elanga Obam saluted the Law to Institute the General Code on Regional and Local Authorities enacted by President Paul Biya  on December 24, 2019. He said it is going to be the basis of the work of the Ministry for 2020 and added that, “We want to make sure that the provisions of the law are implemented and we also want our people to be ready for that.”

    The Ministry will equally continue to accelerate and deepen the decentralisation process in the country. The Minister specified that there is going to be the twin legislative and council elections of February 9, 2020.  He stated that, “Before the election, we are preparing ourselves to be able to help those who will be elected Mayors so that what the President of the Republic is looking for in decentralisation will be what is going to be done.” He said that within the framework of the decentralisation process,  a lot of powers and corresponding resources are devolved to councils. Officials of the Ministry, he said, would want the powers and resources to be effectively used and that the population should feel that things are changing.

    The Ministry is also preparing for the effective putting in place of regions as enshrined in the Constitution and re-echoed in the Law to Institute the General Code on Regional and Local Authorities.  He said, “We are also preparing ourselves for the regions that are coming and the special status that is going to be implemented in the North West and South West Regions.” It is for this reason, he explained that, “Our gathering is to make sure that all of us are looking in the same direction and ready to do the same thing.”

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